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Thematic vouchers

Discover special opportunities given to you by our partner companies and organisations! Get additional funding and, above all, priceless cooperation with players from your industry!

The CEE Startup Voucher competition also includes thematic vouchers organized in cooperation with associated partners, who choose the thematic area themselves. Partners define the objectives of the thematic voucher, its conditions and the benefits granted to the winners. 


Are you working on SaaS solution in area of cyber security? You have a great opportunity to win thematic voucher by Xevos. This voucher can get you 8000 EUR and priceless services to kickstart your product with experts in your filed -  you would be able to utilize simulated environments, take advantage of Xevos distributor connections, get expert advice in sales, marketing, and UX. If you have an innovative perspective on cyber security and your focus lies on easy implementation don't hesitate to apply for the competition and receive the prize and excellent services from Xevos!


Are you an innovative startup with physical tangible product that can benefit from  3D experience tools? Dassault Systèmes  offesr you 8,000 EUR for development of your startup, license of softwares and additional services of expert tea to kickstart the process of improving the product design, its functionalities and user experience.


Are you operating in the area of Construction 4.0?
HSF SYSTEM offers you € 8,000. In addition to financial reward, we offer the cooperation of company specialists, including company management, on projects related to:

- Digitalization and automation of the entire construction process from design to installation, especially of roof and facade systems, but also other parts of the projects.

- Methods of electronic storage of construction documentation for at least 10 years in a form that meets legislative requirements and remains demonstrably unchanged throughout this preserving period.

- Interdisciplinary innovations linking construction with other disciplines - combination of mobility/ construction/ public space and others.
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