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Business grill for TOP startups in Ostrava

The 2023 TOP Startups event is in the books now and we would like to share our impressions with you!

The event took place on the 25th of April and this year it was held in the cozy office space of Raynet company in Ostrava-Poruba. We feel that the change of place was an asset to the event and it undoubtedly created a more friendly atmosphere suitable for networking.

Having opened the event with an introduction of the CEE Startup Network and its goal the event moved to a pitching session of startups divided into several groups:
Each presenter was given the same amount of time and it was up to them how they were going to use it. Some time was also devoted to the announcement of the top 10 Startups in the Moravian-Silesian region.

After the pitching session, the organizers prepared a BINGO game which was an interesting way to start the conversation, and provided a smooth transition to the networking session.

We sincerely hope the event served its purpose and helped the attendees to network and draw some more attention to their startups!

We would like to thank the Raynet company for providing their beautiful space and also to our corporate partners Xevos, Dassault Systemes and HSF System.

Thank you all and we are looking forward to more such events!


24vision Comprehensive AI-driven quality control tool focused on automotive industry

Aputime autonomous ERP system that engages artificial intelligence to ensure timely completion of projects

horizontal crystal growth technology

Autinno A unique system for the development of "self-driving" cars

Automate the care of your website while saving time and money

Discidius AI-powered voice analysis

Sale and purchase of land without brokers and commissions

Lemonero smart financing to e-commerce stores using artificial intelligence to evaluate the application

Nil Textile offers the world 4 circular materials and they are working hard to revolutionize the textile industry

independent game development studio which offers unique motion capture studio, unusual integration of all software in-house and novel approach to combining genres

Stimvia Stimvia uses neuromodulation to stimulate nerves to promote a natural biological response
SuperFace building the infrastructure for autonomous, self-integrating applications

Viderai use of artificial intelligence for retinal analysis
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