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Business Angels in Ostrava heard from Startup Voucher graduates

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

The business angel club Founders4Founders hosted a pitching event on February 16 in Ostrava where startups Devonic, YourLOX, High-tech digital modules, and showcased their products and services. Both YourLOX and took part in CEE Startup Voucher 2022 (SUV) and this was a part of their cooperation with Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre.

SUV is not just a competition for innovative and scalable businesses but offers also multiple opportunities to get to know business support organisations and other actors in startup ecosystem in 3 cross-border regions. Despite not winning the prize, every startup can find something valuable after taking part in SUV.

YourLOX s.r.o., located in Bratislava, is a startup building SportsTech Public Infrastructure that provides secure and reliable storage solutions. Core of the business is a smart locker allowing everyone to rent equipment for sports, games and leisure time activities on the spot via app.

Their products include encrypted USB drives, encrypted external hard drives, and cloud storage options. YourLOX's focus on security and privacy makes them a great choice for companies that deal with sensitive information., another Bratislava-based startup, offers a platform for managing flexible working arrangements. Their platform allows companies to easily manage remote workers, track time and attendance, and streamline communication.'s focus on flexibility and remote work makes them a great fit for companies that want to offer more flexible work arrangements.

Overall, the startups that pitched at the Founders4Founders event showed a lot of promise. Each one offered innovative products and services that could help businesses optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment. It will be exciting to see how these startups develop in the coming years and how they continue to make an impact in their respective industries.

Do you want to meet more interesting startups from Czechia, Slovakia and Poland? Go to EVENTS section and join us for TOP STARTUPS in Ostrava (25.4.).

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